Most Unique Retaining Walls

Retaining walls have gained considerable attention in recent times. As such, if your home has uneven ground, you might just be considering it. They help you maintain your soil position. In turn, you enjoy a lower ground level on the adjoining part of your wall. We bet that this sounds functional and great. As such, you are wondering what your options are.

Well, concrete is the main option for retaining walls. However, they did not exactly provide the best aesthetic purpose. As such, in recent times, various designs have emerged to give retaining walls some aesthetic appeal. Are you looking to get in on this? Here are some of the unique retaining walls ideas that you can also try out. 

1. Patchwork Stone

Our first unique option is a patchwork stone that combines patterns, color, and precision to get the best effect. Precisely, this design uses a few colors that get alternated to produce an eye-catching design. The great thing is that there is no pattern in the color placement. They stand irregularly, which provides a more natural, comfortable, and relaxed feel. This design maximizes slightly rounded bricks to achieve this warm and cozy feel. 

2. Irregular Flagstone Wall

This is both a unique and beautiful design. It involves the irregular arrangement of irregular shaped and sized pieces of flagstone. This option comes off as more of a dominant design than a functional retaining wall.

It provides a rugged and irregular look that makes it look more rustic, earthy, and natural. Regardless, it maintains a stylish and modern look. However, note that you will need a specialist builder to design this option. 

3. Concrete Cylinders

This design involves the use of concrete palisades that are cylindrical to provide shape to your home. It works best with minimalist homes. This is because it contributes to their look. It is quite simple, and you can apply it to a wide variety of purposes. 

4. Decorative Block Work

This option enjoys a more meticulous design than you can imagine. This is due to its focus on precise measurements and patterns. In turn, this ensures that you get an option that looks both futuristic and classic. It is a beauty to behold. Even more, thanks to its repetitive design, it is a great option for your landscape’s background. 

However, note that you will need to make this design on a grand scale for the best effect. Although, that does not mean it would not work with a smaller design. 

5. Gabion Walls

This design has its history in military bases and engineering explorations. Regardless, today, it is now a unique design for retaining walls. This design involves wired cages that get filled with stones or bricks. Typically, you can use different types and sizes of brick and stone. However, keep in mind that this will depend on your wire cages. 

Precisely, less tightly woven wire cages cannot hold smaller pebbles. They are best suited for tightly woven wires. However, regardless of your pick, it brings an industrial style to your landscape.